Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ColdFusion Builder 2 Documentation and Related Resources

Storm (code name of ColdFusion Builder 2) is out the door; ColdFusion Builder 2 is now available.
If you are searching for documentation and other resources that can help you get started with this Eclipse-based integrated development environments (IDE), this is the one stop location:
ColdFusion Developer Center Articles
  • What's new in ColdFusion Builder 2: In this article, Ramchandra Kulkarni provides an overview of the ColdFusion Builder 2 features, to help you take full advantage of all the productivity tools provided in ColdFusion Builder 2.
  • Getting started with ColdFusion Builder 2: In this Adobe TV video tutorial, Adobe Platform Evangelist Terry Ryan shows you how to use the newest features in ColdFusion Builder 2.

ColdFusion Builder Team Blog
    • ColdFusion Builder: Provides latest news, updates, and other helpful information from the ColdFusion Builder team.
    Movie Tutorials
     Blogs on specific features
    Getting started experience
    Express edition
    Extension enhancements
    Quick Fix
    • Quick Fix in ColdFusion Builder: 
    • ColdFusion Builder engineering team member Sagar Ganatra demonstrates the usage of Quick Fix.
    • QuickFix feature in ColdFusion Builder 2: Learn about the smart functionality in ColdFusion Editor which helps you generate methods, CFC/CFM files based on their usage in code. You can quickly complete your code statements, revisit, and resolve the problem components making the coding process much simpler.
    ColdFusion Builder Search
    • ColdFusion Builder Search\Replace: ColdFusion Builder engineering team member Sagar Ganatra explains the features of ColdFusion Builder search.
    • Tag search: ColdFusion Builder engineering team member Sagar Ganatra explains how to find tags that match your search criteria.
     Key-board shortcuts

    Code Formatting

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