Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adobe CFC Generator (ColdFusion Builder 2 Extension) available on RIAForge

If you are a ColdFusion Builder 1 user, you know that Adobe CFC Generator (a ColdFusion Builder extension used to generate a traditional CFC or an ORM CFC from a set of database tables) is available by default when you install ColdFusion Builder. In ColdFusion Builder 2, however, there is no direct support for this extension.

Note: You can see an Adobe CFC Generator.zip available in the extensions folder of the ColdFusion Builder 2 installation directory. It’s a bug. If you try to deploy the extension, you encounter the following issue:'Installation Error: Cannot find "ide_config.xml" file'.
Therefore, if you want to deploy Adobe CFC Generator, you have to perform the following steps:
  1. (If you have already received the error message Cannot find "ide_config.xml" file' , else ignore this step) Remove the folder Adobe CFC Generator from the webroot of your ColdFusion server.
  2. Download Adobe CFC Generator from the following URL: http://adobecfcgenerator.riaforge.org/   
  3. Deploy the extension to your ColdFusion server.
Note: If you have installed ColdFusion Builder 1, you can instead copy the Adobe CFC Generator.zip available in the extensions folder of the ColdFusion Builder 1 installation directory. That is, the extension available in ColdFusion Builder 1 and RIA Forge are simply the same. 


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